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ACT Magazine

See The ACT Creative Studios present the first issue of ACT, published under the title “girls can’t do what the guys do” 

(Only if we knew that women can’t do what the guys do because they do it better!)

ACT (Art, Culture and Talent) is a visual ART magazine, with a platform for expression. A place to create, communicate and inspire. It is a journey, a trip for your mind and an escape from your daily problems. A play with all the elements; a full official ACT.
The process we went through to create this magazine is the same we go through when writing a movie: the research and the longing for expression.

ACT creates a tribe so you can belong; it can be your comfort place and escape. It presents articles that express and represent each one of the contributors in their own words.

The subjects that ACT treats in every issue, are related to so many factors from social situations and observation, to politics, economy and travel; keeping in mind that art is at the center of everything; It is an inclusive project of all forms of visual expression.

ACT is the result of long years of cinema and filmmaking studies, art direction projects and a career of fashion and styling.

Artists cannot be framed into only one category or lifestyle. Once an artist, always an artist. A real one who breathes art day and night. One who sees it in every aspect of daily life where inspiration is just everywhere, and if you are really trained and your brain is used to seeing it, you will.

It is a long project of commitment, persistence and a process of observation.
A project of an outsider trying to fit in, but fighting the process with art. After long observation and research came the necessity to create a new art magazine. Reading may have been neglected for some time, and it has become a forgotten activity we used to enjoy and practice back in the day.

So, we made sure our visual, with all its artistry and creativity, is as important as the words and articles we included. One of the very amusing activity we used to enjoy was coloring, so we added a couple of pages for you to reconnect with yourself and re-center your mind.

Sometimes literature and poems can take you to places with one key to access: your imagination. It was IMPORTANT to add this extra level of inspiration, so you can create and imagine it yourself.

Take some time off your phone screens, because nothing can be compared to the smell of books. Disconnect from your phones and re-connect with yourself and get inspired.

The lights go off, a spotlight unveils the curtains, they announce:

“Please turn off your phones and enjoy the act”

People applause, the curtains open revealing the stage covered with decorative elements.
The orchestra plays music and you are taken by the violin.

You begin to see the ACT as the characters reveal the truth behind their masks.

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