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Blumenhaus #2

196 pages / Size: 25 x 34 cm
Made in Paris, printed in Spain on offset quality paper.
Cover 350g, inside 120g.

Blumenhaus explores Botany with a romantic approach through 196 pages of editorials, portfolios, words & illustrations.

In this volume…
– Le jardin Anglais by Josh Taylor
– Ikebana, working with nature by Laura Ariès
– Anna Atkins portrait by Annabel Dover
– A guide to cut and dry flowers by Carolyn Dunster
– The Lexicon of Flowers in Pre-Raphaelite Art by Daniel Bilbrey

Illustrations that make us wander through…
– Jamaica florists by Pia Riverola
– Flower still lifes pictures by Tim van der Most
– Indian Affair by Imdad Barbhuyan
– Flower Power movies by Jenny Ronen
– A treasure Herbarium from 1901

Meetings with…
– Polly Fern
– Luke Edward Hall
– Nuria Val
– Régime des fleurs

And much more…
Exclusive flowers illustrations by Brianda James-Fitz Stuart, Amélie Ambroise, Romain Baraton, Luke Edward Hall, Hellie Cartledge, Polly Fern, Camilla Perkins, Rosie Harbottle, Marina Siero, Estée Preda as well as fashion editorials by Zoé Kovacs, Pia Riverola, Lukasz Augusciak & Ewa Michalik, Kristin Vicari, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Ale Vidal…

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