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BOOK #17

For CR Fashion Book Issue 17, Carine and Co-Creative Director and Editorial Director at Large Lynette Nylander sought to bring together diverse voices that both reflect and challenge the world around them. Singer Teyana Taylor tackles the struggle of Black America’s fight for equality in her latest album. Sharon Alexie and Halima Aden use their platforms as models to bring their respective cultures into the conversation through their activism and careers in fashion. Breakout star from Netflix’s Unorthodox Shira Haas explores her Jewish heritage on and off the screen. Designer Telfar Clemens creates a sense of unity through his brand, which has a devoted following that crosses demographics and is integral to the label’s identity. Likewise, fronting CR MEN Issue 11, Lil Nas X’s growing outspokenness as a young Black gay musician paves the way for others after him.


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