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Spring 2021 VOL 271

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Dazed (formerly Dazed & Confused) has evolved from a London street scene magazine into an internationally-recognised title that continues to identify and create leading-edge cultural trends through its challenging and often controversial editorial, design and visual identity. With its world-exclusive interviews, groundbreaking fashion editorial, peerless photography and award-winning themed issues in music, art, fashion and film Dazed defines the cutting edge of style and fashion.

In this issue:

Freedom is coming, but where are we going? As we emerge from lockdown stasis and join hands again, the summer issue of Dazed celebrates the power of the collective spirit to change everything. A new globe, a new Dazed: Steered by newly instated editor-in-chief Ibrahim Kamara and executive editorial director Lynette Nylander, the issue marks a fresh era for the magazine, putting a local lens on vital new voices from around the planet.

On the first of our covers, we go behind the headlines with England football star and political firebrand Marcus Rashford, who pens a heartfelt ode to the power of community action. Also fronting the issue: a series of snapshots from a planet in the throes of generational change, from the End Sars activists ushering in a new era in Nigerian protest to the biggest vaccine drive in history.


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