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19 Days of Mindfulness: your day-to-day practical guide It’s such a beautiful thing that, when your mind is busy and full of thoughts racing around, you can calm it by being creative (pasting, cutting, coloring, stamping – whatever crafting activity you want, it doesn’t matter). And it works the other way around too: when you create stillness in your mind, space appears for new, creative solutions. 19 Days of Mindfulness contains nineteen days’ worth of inspiration on how to live a more mindful and creative life. Each day comes with its own tip or idea for adding some mindfulness to your life. And some creativity, because according to us, mindfulness and creativity are such a brilliant combination. It includes drawing lessons, the stories of female artists, insights into what writing a few pages every day can bring you and the value of having your own photo project. And of course, paper extras. Mindfulness & Creativity In 19 Days of Mindfulness: Exercises in the now Just being here in the moment, instead of thinking about your to-do list or a conversation you had earlier in the day, keeps you in the present. These simple exercises from The Mindfulness Project in London can help you do it. Change the way you look at your day Really notice the things around you with these exercises from Barbara Tammes. The pleasure of slow reading Let’s go back to enjoying a book without distraction, and to paying proper attention to what we’re reading. Writing as a form of meditation Interviews with professionals in the fields of creativity and mindfulness Paper goodies DIY hot air balloons garland Color-in table runner ‘Morning Pages’ notebook

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