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It’s that day that only comes around every two months, that’s filled with heady excitement and large amounts of squee: ladies and gents, it’s frankie day! And not just any old issue of frankie, either – our summer bumper issue, which is chock full of bonus goodies, like a set of pull-out bookmarks designed by Martina Martian, a special art print by Demii Whiffin, and a whopping big 2020 wallplanner. Oh yeah! Also squeezed inside its pages is a chat with some fashion-focused folks who are hell-bent on doing good things for the world, a guide to increasing your confidence (or faking it till you make it), and a Japanese artist making playful pics with colourful sand. We get tips on great books to read from people in the know, debate whether variety really is the spice of life, and talk inspiration with the one and only David Sedaris. Need more? How about some homemade Christmas stockings or home truths on what it’s really like to have a chronic illness? Add to that all the usual eye-catching loveliness and cackle-inducing rants and you’ve got yourself a pretty ace magazine.

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