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Hercules Universal S/S 2021



A note from the editors celebrating our 15th anniversary.

On a typical rainy day in London in the fall of 2006, our younger selves huddled over at a friend’s flat to brainstorm a new publishing concept. We tossed around numerous titles, eventually settling on a name that rang singular, something legendary. By the evening, Hercules emerged as our mythological creature.

Over the years we were asked why we chose the name Hercules for a men’s publication. To put it simply, we wanted to explore a point of view that felt distinctly unsual than what we were consuming in the early ’00s. Our angle celebrated a Mediter- ranean lifestyle through sensual, visual essays ripe with intensity and fit for the strapping, mythological demi-god and his admirers.

After 15 years, the message remains strong. With Herculian tenacity, we fought many battles to stay uncompromising in our vision. We continue to power through societal walls around what a man should be to encourage empowerment in our readers. Freedom, diversity, happiness and sensuality.

Our issue 30 marks a milestone for us in the world of publication, of paper, of fashion. We feel immense gratitude of having met and worked with many of the industry’s most exceptional talents. Without their support, the thousands of pages we have published over the span of a decade and a half wouldn’t have been possible.

The work is never done. A new season, a new year, a new concept has yet to bubble to the surface, and we promise to continue the legacy.

Spring & Summer 2021 / Fall 2021
Hard bound box containing Hercules Universal Issue XXX (288 pages full color)

Single Issue


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