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Highsnobiety High Art

A Magazine by Highsnobiety returns with the first ever issue of HighArt for Winter 2021/22. For the cover story, we check in with the loudest man on Earth, Bad Bunny, photographed on location in Miami by Awol Erizku. The issue was guest edited by the art world and editorial powerhouse Jeanne-Salomé Rochat and features Grimes, Soldier, Virgil and Nigo, Dan Graham’s guide to Florida, Coi Leray, Oh de Laval, Pièces Uniques, Tobias Spichtig and his favorite shades, a group exhibition of nail art, anti-viral flexes, colorful explorations in a gimp suit, Pippa Garner’s wearable works, Herrensauna, Devin Troy Strother, Slavs and Tatars, Anonymous Club, Yoon Ahn, Russell Westbrook, Kerwin Frost, KidSuper, Dis, and the Marni family.

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