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Vol. 6


The HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 6, has arrived.

The latest edition of our premium print journal balances in-depth, first-person storytelling about watches, vintage tube radios, and unique sports cars with incredible photography that transports you to places like Tokyo, Denmark, Greenland, and Los Angeles. This volume has both breadth and depth in spades; it’s a volume that’s just as comfortable looking at how a watch brand can help protect the planet as it is diving deep into the latest mechanical innovations hidden beneath a watch dial. Volume 6 feels like a perfect embodiment of what the HODINKEE Magazine is all about.

Yu Sekiguchi, the editor-in-chief of HODINKEE Japan, shares his favorite Tokyo coffee shops, vintage stores, and more; Cole Pennington meets the world’s most dedicated collector of Bang & Olufsen tube radios; and James Stacey offers up both a deep-dive into Rolex’s Perpetual Planet program, showing what a watch brand can do beyond making watches, and a detailed analysis of a trio of top-tier perpetual calendars that break the mold. Jack Forster tells the story of a unique Aston Martin with a Bertone body that he lovingly calls “one of the most breathtaking cars of all time,” and Stephen Pulvirent goes deep on the TAG Heuer Carrera in the latest Reference Points installment.

We’d be remiss not to mention Ben Clymer’s profile of LA-based artist Wes Lang, whose punk rock aesthetic provides a perfect backdrop for his serious love of horology that includes the likes of Akrivia, Credor, Grand Seiko, Patek Philippe, and more. He shares stories about the watch he found in a train station as a kid that kicked off his lifelong passion, the Swatch that accompanied him through his formative years, and the ways that watches have influenced his practice as an artist too.

Cara Barrett produced an incredible photoshoot with seven accomplished women from different fields – including a chef, a journalist, supermodel Helena Christensen, and more – with each of them pairing expressive fashion with some of the year’s most exciting watches.

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