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Vol. 5

Our premium printed journal, the HODINKEE Magazine, is back for Volume 4! And let us tell you that this is one issue you definitely do not want to miss.
We’ve put collectible watches front and center. The Volume 4 cover features one of the most beautiful and important chronograph movements of all time, the Longines 13ZN. Inside the issue, our own Jack Forster puts this great movement in its proper context – as only he can – while also discussing other important chronographs of the last century.
Cover to cover, Volume 4 is filled with the kind of in-depth stories that we think are perfect for the printed page and for the HODINKEE reader. These include a close look at the automotive legacy of one of America’s leading 20th-century sportsmen, the great Briggs Cunningham; an examination of the vintage motorcycle collection of Stuart Parr, whose passion for Italian two-wheelers from the last century knows no bounds; Ben Clymer’s in-depth look at an oft-overlooked Rolex calendar watch reference; and Jack.

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