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JÓN Issue 24- The ‘Y2K’ issue

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

Stop downloading crap content and feast your eyes on real life quality. When the world ends, wouldn’t you rather be holding a gorgeous magazine than an iPhone?

– “Shut it down.” –

Hashtag computer crash. Summer is here, and your mac’s fan is whizzing around frantically, crash imminent. Log off, sit down, and indulge in the new issue of JON, Y2K. Twenty years ago we were sure the computers were gonna fuck us, but haven’t they won already?

So stop looking at a screen, and look through 250 gorgeous pages of black and white indulgence. With mega menswear fashion shoots, more written columnists than ever, and three amazing celebrities chatting to us, you can’t miss this one. Click through, baby.


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