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Jacob Elordi 
After some much needed downtime at home in Australia, the Euphoria and Kissing Booth star is back – hungry, with a better idea of who he is. 
You can find out a surprising amount about someone from observing them eat dinner – be it table manners or just general eating etiquette.
I discover this when catching up with Jacob Elordi for the second time; because he is hungry. Like, really hungry. Ravenous even, and apologetically so. By sheer coincidence, the last time I saw Elordi eating was also involved, at an awards ceremony dinner in Sydney where we were sat opposite one another. For the record, so as to not embarrass Elordi, I’ll say this much: he’s a pretty graceful eater, both in person and over Zoom. At times in between forkfuls there were a few stray elbows on the table but for someone who’s 6ft 5 tall that’s understandable. Indeed, he’s certainly well-mannered enough for his mother to be happy.

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