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Ness Fall'20

NESS is a printed publication about architecture, life, and urban culture launched in March 2018. We are in continuous dialogue with provocative designers, users, developers, and thinkers to expand and diversify our conversations and to be open to new visions and ideas. It is divided into Browser, The Dossier, and Documents.



Documents feature architecture offices Productora (Mexico) and MOS (United States) in-depth, providing full documentation, and critical analysis on a selection of projects; the NESS interview delves into the processes and interests of each practice.

With Contributions by

Kebira Aglaou, Kumar Atre, Lily Baldwin, BCHO Architects, Carlos Bedoya, Stephen Burks, Luis Callejas, Ludovico Centis, Martin Cobas, Matevz Čelik Vidmar, Diego Arraigada Arquitectos, Penelope Dean, Sarah Entwistle, Ruth Estévez, Laura González Fierro, Bailey Hikawa, Wonne Ickx, Otto Ickx Estévez, Lina Ickx Estévez, Víctor Jaime, Carla Juaçaba, Jayne Kelley, Kéré Architecture, Manthey Kula, Malika Leiper, Gaspar Libedinsky, Megan Marin, Michael Meredith, Timothy Morton, Jeffrey S. Nesbit, Viveca Pattison Robichaud, Abel Perles, Hilary Sample, Agustin Schang, Saschka Unseld, SPBR Arquitetos, TAX / Alberto Kalach, Tolga Kemal Ünver.

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