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Celebrating the beauty of tradition, wisdom, maturity, youth, change, and experience.
In the second issue of Primary Paper we look at the theme of ‘Age’.

Today, ‘Age’ plays an interesting role in the photography industry. No longer focusing on the idea of eternal youth and the obsession to look youthful―the fashion and beauty industries are beginning to root themselves closer to reality. Finally, we see a shift towards celebrating natural beauty with the use of ‘real’ people and diverse casting. This progression opens us up to seeing the real beauty in the mature, the wise, the young, the old and the aged.

Some highlights in the issue include a rich monochromatic portrait series by Jack Davison. A candid conversation about experience and family between Chris and Colin Leaman. An insight into the intimate relationship between mother and child by Bec Lorrimer. A photo essay by Lotte van Raalte documenting the visceral journey of growing up. And a liberating fashion editorial featuring Jan de Villeneuve by Markn, styled by Louise Ford.

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