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Sophisticated Weddings

VOL. 2 2019

May all your dreams come true as you eat,

drink, and be married,



A few short months ago, I had been tagging along with a friend as she began her search for the perfect wedding dress. Charmed by a profession that regularly has me surrounded by exquisite gowns, whether on-set at photo shoots, or viewing the latest and greatest designs to grace the runways, the running about town routine is not a foreign concept for me. Somewhere between the times she tried on her first and eleventh dress, it occurred to me that the fringe benefits of being intimately familiar with the season’s collections were of secondary value; looking around me, I could see that the task at hand had been enhanced by the experience itself, and not by my knowledge of who carries what, or the ideal dress construction for a Hamptons beach wedding. On that day, I had observed countless brides, joined by their family and friends, attended to with seamless care and tokens of reveled spirit. Witnessing magic in the making, it was my divine pleasure to share in their happiness. It got me to thinking about the collective moments that make up this joyous occasion, and the industry that celebrates it. Reliving my glory days as a bride of yesteryear, my sights had shifted from that of a weddings editor to one of a much more personal nature. Shamefully, I admit that in the five plus years since my own wedding, I had almost forgotten how blessed a bride is to have such extraordinary and dedicated professionals in their corner, striving tirelessly to turn dreams into reality.

Nevertheless, planning a wedding is not an easy task comprised exclusively of smiles and sunshine. From the start, it can be consuming of time and energy, and a whirlwind right down to the big day itself. There are decisions to be made, clashes to mitigate, and timelines to draft. Well-intentioned thoughts and ideas inevitably seep through the cracks, with enough ‘two-cents’ to pay for the wedding itself. I’d love to tell you that I’m not here to be one of those people, but I too, come bearing advice. Live in the moment, just the way you did when you discovered a love you never dreamed possible. Not just throughout the planning process (savor that tasting!), but also on the wedding day itself. Long before I knew better, I thought of myself as far too much a hands-on creative type to relinquish any control and delegate duties. Alas, we humans can be spread only so thin. If you’ve been wondering whether having a wedding planner is really necessary, my answer is a resounding yes! You deserve to enjoy your wedding the way your guests do. Have your cake and eat it too (seriously, don’t forget to eat!), because when you marry the soul mate, the last thing you should be thinking about is when and where the vendors’ load in should happen. Use that discerning eye that helped you find ‘the one’ to choose your team wisely. In this issue of Sophisticated Weddings, meet your match of dream makers. Uncover the finest venues, planners, photographers, designers, and more; in 2019, we aim to present you with a wealth of options to guide you in the direction that best suits you. Just like you, your wedding is a snowflake, and with that in mind, we have scoured the city, the country, and the world to cater the best of everything.

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