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Issue 04 is the fresh new publication from the New York based magazine UNEMPLOYED, this time featuring all-male contributors.

From Charlie Engman’s surreal encounters in Korea to Gaspar Noé trudging through “La Tomatina” festival in Spain, issue 04 takes you around the world and explores the underground cultures that inspire so many. This issue focuses on promoting a new generation of men that are living through the #metoo movement, giving them the opportunity to capture strong women, sex, and youth with reckless abandon.

The magazine has taken on an entirely new form, now contained in a back-to-school like folder with each story existing within its own compartment. Considered an object of art, each issue is numbered.

In this folder we are also including some goodies, namely a custom scratch off nudity card made by Chadwick Tyler, a very special Kris Martin statue, and an oyster printed air freshener.

Single Issue