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Vestal F/W'21


This Collector’s Edition was put together partly during Covid-19 restrictions and eventually during the optimistic reopening. We are celebrating how everyone has powered through the crisis and kept working on the mission of Vestal even when circumstances were challenging. While we forged ahead, we have not lost sight of our core values, mainly diversity and shining a light on today’s exciting actors, musicians, and fashion influencers while promoting contemporary photography. This issue puts forth visual essays, reflections, and the passion that goes into the narrative and composition of each spread. We also aim to appreciate the creative process and incredible attention to detail needed to achieve something that is everlasting and tirelessly inspirational. We hope these stories speak to you and help build bridges across communities worldwide. The discussions you’ll read might provoke some surprising responses, and that’s what makes them so compelling, especially if you’re already familiar with the talents’ work.

9×11 / 200 + pages

Single Issue


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