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When Scarlett Johansson was seventeen, she shot Lost in Translation in Tokyo. “It was really hard,” she remembers. “It was a seven-week shoot; I missed my boyfriend; we had a Japanese crew, so there was a language barrier. I remember being quite lonely.” That, to a large extent, was also the tone of the film: the anomie of geographic displacement, filtered through the bright lights of a luxury high-rise hotel. “It was just a different time to be an American in Tokyo,” she says.

Today you can know “where the cool kids are,” as she puts it—and they are everywhere, in Jakarta and Jerusalem, in Buenos Aires and Brussels—simply by glancing at your phone. Much more has been found in translation than lost. In the entertainment industry, Johansson—who will appear in Avengers: Endgame next month—elaborates, everything is more porous now, from the way people work to the way they watch. “There’s a scope to entertainment,” she says.

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And then there is someone like Deepika Padukone, who is the highest-paid actress in India and the first woman ever to make it into the top five of the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list. (She also featured as part of Time’s 100 most-influential-people list.) She is, at 33, a truly international star. As Vin Diesel, her costar in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, wrote in Time, “She’s not just here to represent India; she’s here to represent the world.” Padukone’s latest hit, Padmaavat (2018), made $50 million at the domestic box office in India, and $80 million worldwide. Not bad, by Hollywood standards; but Hollywood standards are meaningless here. The critical numbers are these: A ticket to the movies in Mumbai costs anything between 50 cents and $6. Think how many people had to see Padmaavat in order for the film to amass those kinds of earnings.

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