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F/W 2020-21

A coffee break with supermodel Parker Van Noord, an interview with the trans philosopher Paul B. Preciado, inspiring portraits of Elvis Presley, Pierre Cardin, and Kanye West, Philippe Lançon’s declaration of love for the trailblazing Wes Anderson… Without forgetting the best of this season’s fashion through the lens of Alasdair McLellan, Craig McDean, Rafael Pavarotti, and Annemarieke van Drimmelen. This season, torpedoed by uncertainty, Vogue Hommes dedicates the issue to our desires, from the deepest to the most trivial.

Since last March, which saw the world descend into a scenario worthy of a science fiction film, our lives haven’t been the same. A virus with a global reach succeeded in striking at the very heart of our innermost selves. And in instilling a sense of fear, instinctive mistrust, with physical contact proscribed, and our relationship to others turned on its head, our very skin under boycott, a movement of self-withdrawal, our hopes shot down in flames, and our convictions laid to waste. The impact on a personal level is devastating.

As in any time of disruption, the shock wave has given way to self-questioning and radical change. One of its major symptoms is that millions of people all over the world are considering a complete rethink of their existences, seeking meaning and direction in greater harmony with this new, naked vulnerability. And the odds are that this new awareness will be a prelude to progress. It is a transition chamber, a moment of concentration before taking the great leap, and the ideal time to connect with yourself before resetting the program.

What could be more effective, then, than thinking about what we really want deep down inside? This idea was the starting point for the latest Vogue Hommes, simply entitled “In the mood for…”. In the mood for hope, for a fringe, for extravagance, for Nirvana, for a legend, for creativity; in the mood to understand, or change the world… For this issue, we offer a subjective mix of the very essence of our longings, from the more serious to the more futile. A fun exercise in introspection, a form of self-inventory, to better connect with others. And experiment together the emergence of an alternative form of desire. Perhaps the thrill of a new life.



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