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JULY 2019

For months, it’s been raining in L.A. But the first day of spring dawns bright and clear. As I make my way to Zendaya’s house in the San Fernando Valley, wildflowers, nourished by the downpour, sprout along the roadside in fistfuls of orange and purple, and everyone—everyone—seems to be leaning out of their car windows to snap shots. It’s a moment for stopping and smelling the roses, so to speak, and I’m expecting to find Zendaya doing some version of that. It’s her first day off after a season of breakneck work, toggling between the splashy debut of her TommyxZendaya collection in Paris, photo shoots for Lancôme—the 22-year-old recently became the brand’s youngest global ambassador—and filming HBO’s gritty new series Euphoria, in which “Z,” as everyone involved with the show calls her, plays the lead role of Rue, a recovering and relapsing young drug addict. Surely Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman will be lazing about, maybe soaking up rays by the side of her pool.

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