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Wallpaper Sept'21

Wallpaper* wardrobe for our newsstand cover and main menswear story. ‘He’s my second half, but he’s the half that I can’t live out in reality,’ Janz tells us. ‘I’ve always been really interested in the intersection of storytelling and technology. It’s not about perfectionism. It’s like creating an alter ego in the digital space. Which feels quite natural nowadays, because the way we present ourselves to the outside world through social media is a new reality. All of us have a second persona.’

Our Newspaper section embodies the same heady decadence. From a Prada dress formed of shimmering sequins to a pair of Bottega Veneta roller skates, from diamond drop earrings to mark the centenary of Chanel No.5 to polychromatic pastries and a Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame champagne that celebrate the art of Yayoi Kusama, this is our edit of the ‘extra’. The exuberance continues through Romain Duquesne’s womenswear shoot, as well as our deep dive into Kim Jones and Peter Doig’s collaboration for Dior’s A/W21 menswear collection, which gives compelling form to the painter’s rich hues and otherworldly compositions.

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