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Zoo Issue #70

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ZOO Magazine 70 – Renaissance

ZOO Magazine 70 – Renaissance | Encapsulated almost 400 pages, the Anniversary issue no. 70 is a homage to the cultural melting pot Berlin and, at the same time the incredible talents and extraordinary culture of freedom in Berlin.

It was in the moving tale of Christiane Falscherinow that ZOO found its name – a reference to the setting of the autobiographical novel and film Christiane F.: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. The 1978 published book Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo was the most successful German nonfiction book of the post-war era.

That’s why we’re also delighted to have spoken to Jana McKinnon, who is embodying the main character Christiane F., in the new Amazon Prime Video series based on the book. Within that train of thought, we show our support of the Christiane F. Foundation, aiming to destigmatize addiction and help spread knowledge to prevent it.

Since the cultural sector has explicitly suffered this past year, from postponed gallery openings and closed musea to minimal governmental subsidy, the Anniversary issue highlights the work of 12 Berlin bases artists in over 50 pages.

We also show in a 16 page story the new Samurai Museum in Berlin. We were able to converse with Peter Jansen, whose private collection of Samurai artifacts – one of the most comprehensive and prestigious collections in the world – will be exhibited in a new and improved Samurai Museum in Berlin. Issue 70 showcases once again that art is the base of human connection.

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