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ZOO Magazine 66 – Spring Issue

ZOO Magazine 66 | With Carlos Amorales, David Chipperfield, Christian Louboutin, George MacKay, Jonathan Meese, Morgane Polanski, Dick Verdult and more…

‘We are pleased to share with you ZOO Magazine 66, a wonderfully diverse edition packed with the latest in art, cinema, fashion and contemporary design. We as a society are in uncharted waters right now with the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe, and so we feel it is essential in these difficult times to inspire creativity and passion even from the home. Thankfully our new issue can be delivered straight to your door and will provide much-needed reading and escape for this time of isolation.

Inside we have an exciting interview with 1917’s George Mackay where we discuss film, family and the nature of war and conflict. We also discuss the actors’ first visit to the Oscars, the conflicts of today and the strange commonalities that are shared amongst soldiers and actors, “there is similar camaraderie, companionship about working on a film set or a play.”

Zoo reporter Bettina Krause visits the great German artist Jonathan Meese in his Berlin studio where they discuss turning 50, the importance of family and the artist’s own personal process and ideology, “I want to bring art into power. It is not about the artist; it is about art which outlives me and everything else. It is much stronger than I.” Take a peek at the new issue to read the full conversation with an enigmatic personality.

We also catch up with the acclaimed architect Sir David Chipperfield where we chat about the quality of life, family and how to best spend one’s time. On top of all this we also have an intriguing interview with the iconic Christian Louboutin about his exhibition in the Palais de la Porte Dorée which will hopefully reopen shortly. Here we talk about the iconic shoemakers childhood and early influences as well as his love of travel and his range of collaborations.

Besides all of this we present an abundance of fashion, some information about Gallery Weekend Berlin this summer and many more great articles for your perusal.

We here at Zoo wish you health and happy reading and hope that issue 66 helps to inspire in the strange and uncertain times ahead.’ (From the makers of ZOO Magazine)

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