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Nike Chronicle Book

This is UPDATED version of Nike Chronicle book.

“NIKE CHRONICLE” which was released at the end of May 2011 and called a big topic.

Under the cooperation of Japan’s leading NIKE collectors, from 1971 when the name “NIKE” was born, until the early ’80s.

It was a collection of everything including running shoes, wear, miscellaneous goods in one volume of 322 pages.

More than four years have passed since then, vintage NIKE in the vintage market is even more rare.

Shoes with air inserted are hydrolyzed, and now wear is trading at a very high price due to NIKE demand all over the world.

Under such circumstances, this revised version of this “NIKE CHRONICLE” is this book.

While adding more models and information, new content is also prepared.

The main feature is the chapter of basketball shoes featuring “1985”.

DUNK, TEAM CONVENTION, TERMINATOR etc introduce the model of 1985 born at once.

And the one that should not be forgotten is the legendary man series “AIR JORDAN”.

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